Episode 9 Part 1 with Special Guests Ace Marrero and Matt Mercer of Madison County

• May 25th, 2012


Joining us this week will be actor’s Ace Marrero and Matt Mercer from the new backwoods shocker, Madison County. We’ll dig deep and look to challenge these gents, forcing them to confront the mixed reviews the film has received, and yanking some honesty from this pair (who are both great guys might I add).

Also on tap is the return of our movie of the week segment, in which we’ll be discussing the bad ass post apocalyptic horror/comedy, Zombieland. And of course, we’ll get you covered on the B Movie Madness, as we tackle Robert Englund’s directorial debut, 976-EVIL.

A note to our followers, The Mistress of Oppression had quite the hectic work schedule this week, so she was out of commission for the show. However, we brought in special guest co-host, Colin Smith, also known as The Brown Boy From the Pink Womb. He does a fantastic job filling in, and we appreciate the help!

Due to the extended runtime of this episode, we were forced to split the episode in 2 parts. So be sure to check out both!

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Episode 9 Part 2 with Special Guests Ace Marrero and Matt Mercer of Madison County

• May 25th, 2012


And here you have it ladies and gents, the conclusion of Episode 9, which features the entire interview with Matt Mercer. I’ve already been through the details, so, sit back, relax, drink a beer and enjoy! Oh yeah, be sure to check out Madison County while you're at it!

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 8: The Jason London Special

• April 14th, 2012


This week marks a special occasion, as Jason London joins hosts Dazed and Confused and The Mistress of Oppression for a special one on one chat. The Terror Experiment serves as the point of focus, though London’s work in the now cult classic stoner favorite (you guessed it), Dazed and Confused is definitely touched down upon. Jason offers up his thoughts on the picture’s status today and the experience of shooting of the film among a few other entertaining angles.

Followers will notice a bit of an adjustment in the formatting of this episode, as the “Movie of the Week” and “B Movie Madness” segments have been abandoned in order to place all focus on London and a few of his noteworthy genre efforts (including The Terror Experiment, which arrived on DVD the 30th of last month)…and of course Dazed and Confused (someone is obsessed, apparently).

On the technical front, more upgrades and tweaks have been made, and the crew is happy to note some promising evolution in the overall production value of the show. Everyone is working hard to bring you the strongest product possible, and things are certainly headed in the right direction.

Enough babbling on: get ready for plenty of drunken silliness, sexually explicit exchanges, and, a great interview with the one and only Jason London! Be sure to follow the gang on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, subscribe to our iTunes and rate/comment on the show!

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 7 with Guest Ryan McCoy, Writer/Actor/Producer of Evidence

• March 11th, 2012


Guest: Ryan McCoy, Writer/Actor/Producer of Evidence

After taking massive strides in upgrading equipment, we continue to have Skype issues. We’re working to get these problems resolved as quickly as possible, and we’re game to purchase any additional equipment to bring you the best sound quality we can. But at this point, we’re waiting on an answer as to what in the fuck is going on with recorded calls, and that’s as basic and blunt as I can put it.

While you won’t be ecstatic about the sound quality of the interview, it is understandable, and Ryan dishes on a whole slew of details about the film. Rest assured though, this mystery pic does indeed remain a mystery, as Ryan, me and my co-host all aim to avoid dropping significant spoilers. All the same, production values aside, this is a kick ass interview with a likeable dude who’s got a great head on his shoulders and a penchant for high caliber efforts. The man is inspired, and Evidence is one damn inspired film!

In addition to speaking with Ryan, we’ll be covering our B Movie Madness feature, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and discussing our movie of the week pick, The Pack. And, as an important note, episode 7 launches our official debut of professional commercial additions. We've got a very talented composer and radio voice, Colin Smith doing some great work for us!

Tune in, and remember to check us out on iTunes (subscribe and rate, damn it!) Twitter and Facebook!

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 6 Valentine’s Day Special with Guest Todd Farmer

• February 14th, 2012


We’re back with a bit of holiday celebration for you. Tonight we bring you a Valentine’s Day special. Our show tonight will really focus on George Mihalka’s 1981 slasher, My Bloody Valentine, as well as Patrick Lussier’s 2009 3D remake. Along for the ride is special celebrity guest Todd Farmer, who served as one of the primary screenwriters for Lurrier’s contemporary take.

Bet on Farmer sharing the ins and outs of the project, exploring his work on the Friday the 13th franchise and dropping a few hints as to what is to come from the talented script writer. Also bet on Mr. Dazed and Confused frequently confusing the name ‘Hanniger’ for ‘Hardiger’ and numerous other variations of the character’s name; it comes with the territory… or should I say the absurd amounts of alcohol.

I dedicate this episode of The Ball and Chain Show to the love birds out there: may you travel a much smoother journey than I, and may your Valentine’s Day’s yield far more physical action!

And, before this hazy mind forgets, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to out iTunes site as well as our podbean page!

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 5 with Guest Robert Kurtzman

• February 4th, 2012

Note: Apologies to our listeners: we experienced a few awkward glitches during our interview with Robert Kurtzman. Not much is lost in electronic purgatory, but there are a few hitches (particularly in the early portions of the interview, which we worked to edit as best as possible), and we're working to get them resolved.


The fifth episode of The Ball and Chain Show is dedicated to living special effects guru, Robert Kurtzman. If the name is somehow unfamiliar to you, he’s one of the key masterminds behind the FX work in such noteworthy genre efforts as In the Mouth of Madness, From Dusk till Dawn and Evil Dead 2, as well as the director of the cult classic, Wishmaster. And believe me: that’s only scratching the surface.

We’ll be conducting an extended interview with Kurtzman, as well as putting a focus on episode five’s focal flicks, the aforementioned From Dusk till Dawn, Misery and Scream. Filling the slot of movie of the week is Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s unforgiving chiller, Rabies. And finally, for our movie of the week segment we discuss Bennie Woodell’s trek into undead territory, Fast Zombies with Guns.

Here's a direct link for those who prefer to utilize iTunes.

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 4 with guest Scott Glosserman

• January 13th, 2012


We're back with another episode of The Ball and Chain Show, and this time we're throwing listeners a curve ball. Rather discussing a wide variety of topics, we're dedicating the entire episode to Scott Glosserman and his cult classic, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Scott dishes on the making of the film, but also steps up to inform viewers of the sequel, which is in the works as we speak.

Don't miss this extended hour long interview with Scott, as well as some wonderfully drunken insight frm your favorite husband/wife host duo!

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 3 with guest Josh Hammond

• December 27th, 2011


After another multi-week hiatus we have returned, and although we won’t be speaking to Scott Glosserman this week (we’ll be chatting Les Vernon with Scott as well as Ti West and the cast of The Innkeepers next week), American Girls star, and Jeepers Creepers cast member, Josh Hammond did take a lengthy break from his day to discuss his upcoming projects, the other areas of film he’s been tackling, working with Victor Salva, and even touch down on the third Jeepers Creepers film.

If there’s even a single quality you find in our show, then this episode is a must hear. Mr. Dazed and Confused and co-host, The Mistress of Oppression, are both back on the microphones, sipping loads of Grandma’s cough syrup, talking terror and giving the celebs a hard time in the process.

Episode three of The Ball and Chain Show is a bit of a special show, as we extended the show from 60 minutes to 90, lengthened our interview to 35 rewarding minutes and covered our Christmas horror lineup, which of course includes Bob Clark’s Black Christmas along with a handful of other quality seasonal picks. Also on tap is our movie of the week discussion, and this week we’re covering the Straw Dogs remake and breaking down the elements we liked, and those we (quite frankly) despised.

Before we bombard you with all that wondrous insanity, we’ve of course got to cover episode three’s focal topic. We figured since we’d be sharing some time with Josh why not cover the Jeepers Creepers films? So, get ready to hear our thoughts on both features as well as plenty of crude humor and crass language; we keep it ANTI-PC!

Listen Now:

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 2 with guest Reggie Lee

• December 16th, 2011


Welcome back! We've been on a bit of a hiatus as of late, but we've officially returned with our second episode. Episode 2 features an exclusive interview with Grimm/Drag Me to Hell's, Reggie Lee. We also discuss our B-Movie Madness pick of the week, Chillerama, the potential American Psycho remake, our "movie of the week" pick, Stake Land and more!

Tune in, and subscribe!!

Or grab it on iTunes! http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/theballandchainshow/id482807225

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 1 with guest Texas Battle

• November 21st, 2011


The Ball and Chain Show Episode 1 Details

Episode one launches Monday night, November 21st at 5:30 PM PST and will be available to you all over the net! You can tune into the show from the official Ball and Chain Show blog site: www.theballandchainshow.wordpress.com. We’ll be covering MTV’s “Death Valley”, and counting down our three favorite episodes of the season, as well as speaking with one of the stars of the series, Texas Battle (John-John), who’s also appeared in noteworthy genre features, Wrong Turn 2 and Final Destination 3.

B-Movie Madness Segment: “Vampires and Other Stereotypes” Movie of the Week Segment: “Rare Exports”

Contact Info

You can contact The Ball and Chain Show by emailing darioargento81@live.com, or shooting us a tweet at @mattmolgaard.

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